Beastkeepers Review

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Short Summary:

Beastkeepers by Cat Hellisen is an unconventional retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Sarah has never stayed in one place one long. Her parents constantly packing up and moving, almost like they’re running away from something but what? One day Sarah’s mother just ups and leaves, and the next thing she knows her father is dropping her off to live with grandparents she thought were dead. Sarah starts to discover dark family secrets and if she wants her family to be together again, she has to find out how to break the curse that has plagued her family for years.

Spoiler-free thoughts:

First off, this cover is absolutely gorgeous and is what drew me to the book in the first place. And when I found out it was a beauty and the beast re-telling I was sold. I love fairy tale re-tellings in general, but anything having to do with beauty and the best makes me ten times more excited. Unfortunately, this book was super disappointing. It’s under 200 pages, so I feel like there wasn’t enough time to really flesh out the plot or the characters. I did enjoy that the author chose to take the Beauty and the Beast tale in a different direction, rather than just “girl gets captured by beast and relationship ensues from there.” story line. This story had more to do with family aspects and that was refreshing. Although I almost felt like I was reading a first draft of the novel, rather than the finished copy. Everything was very rushed, especially the ending. I did enjoy the explanation of the curse on Sarah’s family, but even then I felt there wasn’t enough background for me to really be invested in this story and characters. If this book had at least another hundred pages to really delve into the story and characters, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.




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