Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have

img_5527Thank goodness Top 5 Wednesday is open to more platforms than just books because I tried making this list solely revolve around books and failed. Anyway, here’s some jobs that I wish existed in the real world!

  1. Hogwarts professor (preferably in transfiguration or care of magical creatures) and hopefully after years of service to the school, I’d become headmaster


2. Would Shadowhunter be considered a job…? I wanna wear black all the time and kill demons for a living, thanks.


3. Vampire Slayer. I took a buzzfeed quiz (lol) a little while ago about what kind of fictional job suits me and I squealed when the answer was vampire slayer. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (both the tv show and movie) make me so happy and also does this mean I get my own Spike??? Cause I want my own Spike…bad-vampire-grrr-argghh-tumblr

4. Librarian (from the movies and tv show The Librarians).  I’d loved to be tasked with protecting magical artifacts and going on crazy fun adventures. Also how cool would it be to go in for an interview for a “librarian” position, getting the job, and then finding out magic exists??? Yes please.


5. S.H.E.I.L.D Agent. Basically I wanna be Peggy Carter.


**This weekly book meme was started by Lainey from gingerreadsalainey on youtube. The group is currently run by Sam from thoughtsontomes on youtube. You can find the link for the group on goodreads here:


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