The Circle Review


Short Summary:

The Circle by Dave Eggers follows Mae Holland a 24 year old stuck at a dead end job. Her best friend Annie helps her get a job at The Circle, an internet company that wants to use social media to make lives easier. Mae finally feels like her life is heading in the direction she always dreamed for herself. Within no time Mae climbs her way up the ladder and becomes an important influence and public figure for the company, but soon Mae starts to uncover things about The Circle that could be detrimental to the world.

Favorite quote: “It occurred to her, in a moment of sudden clarity, that what had always caused her anxiety, or stress, or worry, was not any one force, nothing independent and external- it wasn’t danger to herself or the constant calamity of other people and their problems. It was internal: it was subjective: it was not knowing.”

Spoiler-Free thoughts:

Since binge watching Black Mirror a few months back, I’ve been a little obsessed with things that show a darker look on the advancement of our technology. Especially when it shows how the technology we already have can lead down a darker route. The Circle provided that element and was mostly an enjoyable read, it was slow at first but eventually picked up speed during the second part. I do feel like some story lines were unnecessary to the actual plot and purpose of the novel but that could just be a matter of opinion. I was more interested in the new technologies and the shady business behind the company, rather than Mae developing personal relationships with people in the company. Also none of the characters were likable. Mae was so easily swayed by the people around her, that I’m not even sure if she had one thought that was her own. The other characters were pretty shallow and sensitive, although that could have been the point. Showing how social media changes the way we view ourselves and our relationship with others. Although this was just an okay book for me, I’m still super excited for the movie adaptation that is coming out is April (mostly because Emma Watson is starring it). The movie has an opportunity to get rid of all the junk that weighed the novel down, and focus on the black mirror aspect and I’m hoping it does just that.



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