Three Dark Crowns Reveiw

img_5040Short Summary:

Three Dark Crowns follows three, princess sisters equally born to ascend the throne on a matriachal island after their sixteenth birthdays. The catch: Only one can be queen, and must kill her two sisters to win the throne. Each sister is born with a special magical ability to aide her in winning the throne. When the sisters turn six they are separated to start fine tuning their powers and training to become queen. Katherine can drink deadly poisons without dying and is skilled in the art of making poisons. Arisone can control animals and help plants grow in the worst of conditions. Last but not least, Mirabella can control the elements (fire, water, wind and earth). So what happens when two of the three sisters aren’t as strong as they should be? Will they come into their strength? Or be forced to find other ways to stay alive?

Spoiler-Free thoughts:

Ohhhhhh boy I loved this book. It has everything that I love: Badass females and morally grey characters in a fantasy world with magic. It’s definitely character driven, so if that’s not your thing then 3/4 of the book might be a little slow for you (but also you’re wrong. Jk but seriously). I loved getting to know each sister and the characters that surround them (except Joseph. Read the book and you’ll understand why). It’s amazing how well Kendare Blake portrayed each sister equally. This book isn’t their stories as sisters, it’s each sister’s story coming together. Each sister is the star of her own story. I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since I finished it, and I’m impatiently waiting for the second in the series. I know I haven’t said much but trust me when I say this is a book you want to know little about before diving in.


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